Year: 2013- 2014

Conservation of museum artifacts at Rajput Regimental Centre, Fatehgarh, U.P.
The conservation of museum artifacts at Rajput Regimental Museum, Fatehgarh was carried out successfully by the team of INTACH ICI, Lucknow. There were various types of collection. The collection was housed in a building having a modern architecture. They represent the glorious history of Rajput Regiment that has been displayed in the glass showcases and on the wall. Following type of collection which was conserved at RRC Museum and ICI, Lucknow is as follows:-

• Officer’s Dress
• Army Colors
• Photographs
• Natural history objects
• Arms
• Lithographs
• Oil paintings
• Letters

First of all a temporary laboratory was set up in H.R.D.C. building near the R.R.C. Museum. It was very practical because after the conservation of the objects they could be displayed back in the museum one by one.

All the objects had different types of problems. The Regimental Colors were full of dust, dirt and other accumulation; discolouration of colour; high acidity resulted in brittleness; weak fibers making the fabric fragile; various stains present; charring of fabric noticed; insect attack; rust stain; loss of areas; old restoration and the conservation treatment given to them was disinfection of textile, dry brush cleaning for removal of dust, dirt, fixing colours/ consolidation, solvent cleaning for removal of stains, mechanical cleaning for removing solid deposits, provided new support and net both side of the color, darning of tears and lining of fabric with specified materials.

The photographs and lithographs had dust, dirt and other accumulations, stains present, mirror effect on images observed, photograph badly stuck on acidic mount, photographic surface direct contact with glass without window cut mounting. The conservation treatment involved dry brush cleaning, use of organic solution in order to remove stains, removal of acidic support, relining with tissue paper, new acid free window cut mounting provided and finally reframing of the photographs.

Stuffed lion & alligator had dust and dirt deposition, hair has become rough and shines less, hair fallen at many places, insect attack, skin has become very hard and brittle at some places like ears and back of the head, the details of nose and eyes were also not clear. The treatment carried out on them included fumigation, cleaning of skin with soft brush and with low pressure vacuum cleaner, solvent cleaning with suitable solvents, skin dressing treatment on hard skin areas, consolidation of hair roots, insecticidal spray on the skin, filling of missing areas on eyes, re-toning of filling areas.

Conservation of paintings of Picture Art Gallery, Hussainabad Trust, Lucknow.
The conservation work on oil paintings, miniature paintings and photographs was carried out by the team of INTACH ICI, Lucknow at Picture Gallery, Lucknow. The gallery has a large collection of oil paintings, miniature paintings and photographs in its collection. The total collection in the display is approximately 70. The details are as follows:-
• Oil paintings – 13
• Miniature paintings on paper – 08
• Photographs – 49

The paintings that were conserved were of Nasiruddin Haider, Wazid Ali Shah, Amajad Ali Shah, Mohammad Ali Shah, Ghazi-ud-din-Haider, Sadat Ali Khan, Nawab Asufuddaula, Nawab Siraj-ud-daula, Ali Nakki Khan and Nawab Mansur Ali Khan. All the paintings were displayed on the walls. The condition of the room is normal but in some paintings, the sun light is falling directly and paintings have become darkened. The problems identified in the paintings were presence of dust dirt, uneven varnish, warping, old re-touching, bird dropping, etc. The treatment carried out involved removal of mount from the painting, cleaning with solvent, removal of stains, removal of old repairs, consolidation of paint, re-touching, repair with tissue, lining of painting if required and finally protective coating of varnish.

Conservation of metal sculpture of Ex-Chief Minister of U.P. Late Shri Veer Bahadur Singh.
A life size 12 feet sculpture in metal of Shri Veer Bahadur Singh was successfully conserved by the team of INTACH Conservation Institute, Lucknow. The sculpture had dust and dirt deposits, presence of bird droppings, paint on the surface of sculpture. The treatment carried out in the sculpture involved removal of dust and dirt, bird droppings, old paint from the surface, stabilization of metal towards atmosphere and finally application of protective coating.