Year: 2012- 2013

Conservation of wall paintings at Kamla Retreat, Kanpur
Kamla Retreat, Kanpur belongs to late Shree Padampat Singhania, who was a renowned industrialist and founder of the J.K. Organisation. In Kamla Retreat, the billiards room, tennis court side, swimming pool side and walls on both the sides of corridors have been embellished with wall paintings. These paintings were executed by a European artist using tempera technique. A wonderful use of brush, spray and stencil is present on these wall paintings.

Wall paintings Status: The wall of painting has been prepared with modern materials like cement and sand mortar. The damages caused in the paintings were mainly due to fluctuations in heat, humidity and light. After detailed examinations the various problems like voids in plaster, flaking of pigments due to loss of adhesion, cracks, etc. were very carefully attended to by drafting safest course of conservation treatments.

Post Conservation of Seven oil paintings and one model of Vidhan Bhavan, Lucknow
The beautiful historic seven oil Paintings and one model of Vidhan Bhavan were restored by ICI, Lucknow in 2010. The annual maintenance of the above work was carried out by the team of conservators from 31st July to 13th August 2012. Because the various atmospheric and environmental factors constantly cause damage to works of art, regular preventive conservation measures and maintenance especially during the Republic Day in January and Independence Day in August are essential to keep them in good condition and prolong their life.