Year: 2011- 2012

Conservation of Manuscripts at First Dastoor Meherji Rana Library, Navsari, Gujrat.2011-2014

The project for conservation of rare manuscripts at Meherjirana Library, Navsari, Gujarat was undertaken by INTACH, ICI, Lucknow on 9th February 2006. The whole project was planned in phases after a mutual consent with the concerned authority. A temporary laboratory was established inside the library building with required scientific equipments and tools.

The manuscripts in the collection of library were in a dilapidated condition. With the efforts of conservators from INTACH ICI, Lucknow these were getting back in shape by curative conservation. During the period from April 2011 till March 2012, 117 manuscripts having 1886 folios and one album having 18 photographs were restored in the site laboratory. There was presence of stains, fungus, defective repair, torn edges. It was also observed that the presence of iron gall ink had made the paper acidic, brittle and charred and also the ink had transferred from the back side.

The team of Conservators completed the conservation work from 6th April to 24th July 2013 at the established laboratory at Meherjirana Library, Navsari, Gujarat. During the period 56 manuscripts having 6426 folios and one scroll were restored in Category C. In Category B, 15 manuscripts having 2079 folios were also restored

Conservation of Wall Painting in the Holy name Cathedral, Mumbai 2011-2012,
The building of Holy Name Cathedral located in the heart of Mumbai is quite imposing and majestic. Fresco paintings exist on the ceilings and on the wall above the arches in the main Hall of the Cathedral. They are also present above the arches of the side aisles. There are portraits of Christian saints as also floral motifs on these arches. On the entire ceiling of the Cathedral there are biblical paintings along with portraits of angels on the Altar.

On the basis of examination, in 2009 it was found that at some places, water had seeped in from the roof from the rain water drain or from side walls. Dampness had also appeared due to rise of sub soil water by capillary action. In some panels the lime plaster on which the paintings were made or the paint layer or both had been damaged in different degrees.The technique of the paintings in the church is tempera but the ceiling of the roof is found to be fresco.

This project was undertaken in the year 2011 and completed in October 2012.


Conservation of Wooden and Wall Painting at Shree Chintamani Parshvanath Digamber Jain Temple, Ankaleshwar, District: Baruch, Gujarat

This 300 years old temple has been constructed using “Lakhori Brick and Lime Plaster” while 19th century tempera paintings are present on walls and wooden beams. The wall painting is about 157 and wooden beam paintings depicting “Fruits of Karma” covers about 132 sq.ft. The painting had problems like heavy deposit of dust and dirt, paints layer from several areas was lost over the years due to abrassions, there was extensive flaking of paint layer, enamel paint splashes, yellowing of varnish, superficial cracks in beam, etc.

Conservation of Artifacts at Aina Mahal Museum, Bhuj, Kutch

Bhuj faced a natural disaster-earthquake. Thousands of lives were lost & many historic monuments collapsed. Aina Mahal was one of them. In this major earthquake the artifacts in the rich collection of Aina Mahal were damaged. Curator and Museum staff of Aina Mahal Museum had put the damaged objects in boxes for safety purpose.

INTACH ICI Lucknow conserved various types of 127 objects like lithographs, Mughal-Farmans, Photographs, Miniature paintings, paper paintings, glass paintings, old prints, paper scroll and illustrated manuscripts by establishing a temporary laboratory within the premises.

A basic training of conservation was also given to the local museum staff.