Year: 2010- 2011

Conservation Treatment Given to Wooden Ceiling with Ivory Decorative Work at Hari Raj Ji Mahal, Jaisalmer Fort, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.
Hariraj Ji Ka Mahal is situated inside the fort. The beautiful wooden ceiling at the Harirajji Mahal suffered from insect attack and was heavily covered with dirt and darkened varnish. Conservation works involved removal of the ceiling panel by panel, chemical cleaning, consolidation to protect the layers from falling, re-fixing lose glass mirrors etc.

Conservation of Wall Paintings of Surya Mall Mishran Haveli, Bundi, Rajasthan
Surya Mall Mishran (1818-68) was a great poet. The Haveli is 250 years old and is a Hall of Fame where the poet was born. The total area of wall paintings is about 70 sq.ft. The mural paintings have suffered a lot of damages in the past like loss of plaster, cracks, abrasion, thick dust deposits, etc.The conservation treatments involved removal of dust, lime splashes and hard deposits, removal of over plaster, cleaning of painting, filling of cracks, losses. Finally reintegration of paintings was carried out on the lost areas in reversible mediums and a layer of protective coating has been applied on the later additions.

Conservation of records at National Archives of India, Record Center western Zone, Jaipur 2010-2012
National archives of India, New Delhi established its records centre in 1977 at Jaipur for upkeep and maintenance of the government records. Jaipur record center has records from Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujrat, Goa, Daman & Diu, Dadar and Nagar Haveli of western India, having around 1.76 Lac records. The conservation work in Jaipur commenced from December, 2010 under the supervision of Ms. Mamta Mishra, Director ICI Lucknow. The team comprises of experts from lucknow centre and some locals who have been given training at site.