Year 2010-2011

Structural Conservation of Mangyu Monestry, Mangyu Ladhakh
For the third consecutive year the team of conservators went along with the team of Architectural Heritage Division of Intach to assist in structural conservation works of the painted ceiling of the Mangyu Monastery. Apart from the regular work, plaster consolidation work and documentation of stucco images present inside the chambers was also undertaken.

Conservation of Art Objects and Altars at the St. Anne’s church, Talaulim, Goa.
The Church of St. Anne is a religious monument located in Santana, Goa, India. It is an example of Indian baroque architecture. Interior of the church is decorated with huge altars, pulpit, polychrome sculptures and lithographs depicting the events in the life of Lord Christ, which includes a wooden panel painting, 14 lithographs of imperial size printed in Paris, 26 wooden polychrome sculptures, a wooden pulpit and 5 wooden altars varying from 15 feet to 37 feet in size. The project was funded by Government of Goa. The conservation work began in October 2008 and completed in June 2011.

Research Project: The Art Conservation Centre, Delhi is collaborating with Pidilite Industries, Mumbai to develop conservation grade materials in India in order to reduce the import of costly materials. Ms. Joyoti Roy and Sarojkant Mishra have been coordinating the project under the supervision of Dr. O.P. Agrawal, Advisor to Intach and Mr. Nilabh Sinha, Principal Director ICCI. A phase plan for execution of work has been prepared and samples are being worked upon for various scientific testing.