YEAR : 2011-2012

Magnetic Records of Indian Institute of Geo magnetism, Mumbai.
The Books and literature of Magnetic Observatory were conserved by the center. They are from, Alibag- Mumbai. Its an ongoing Project, Supported by Dept of Science and Technology, Govt of India

Manuscripts of K.R.Cama Oriental Institute, Mumbai
The center carried out a project on conservation of the rare and very important Persian manuscripts and books of the KR Cama Library at Mumbai. After completing eight phases of conservation project, the Phase IX was carried out in 2011 at Mumbai by the centre’s conservation experts. More than 1,30,000 sheets of precious, rare and very important manuscripts and books have been conserved under this project at Mumbai.

Records of Delhi State Archives- ongoing Project- Supported by Department of Delhi Archives, New Delhi
The records and manuscripts belonging to Delhi State Archives, Govt of NCT, New Delhi were being conserved by the paper conservators of INTACH Orissa Art Conservation Centre, Bhubaneswar. The project was started from September 2011 with the support of Department of Delhi Archives.

Conservation of Archival Documents of Godrej Archives
Records belonging to the Godrej Archives were being conserved by the manuscript conservators of INTACH Orissa Art Conservation Centre, Bhubaneswar.