YEAR 2010-2011

National Mission for Manuscripts , 2010- 2011
Under the Scheme supported by the Dept of Culture, Govt of India, INTACH OACC Bhubaneswar has been appointed as one of their manuscript Conservation Centre (MCC) and it is carrying out manuscript conservation activities , training programmes on conservation of manuscripts across Orissa since September 2003. The MoU has been renewed in year 2010.

Establishment of State Maritime Museum at Jobra, Cuttack , 2010
The project supported by the Dept of Water Resources, Govt of Orissa was started in 2008. The objective was to establish a maritime museum inside the Jobra workshop which will be one of its kind. The museum is designed to have various galleries on maritime activities of the state as well as the country. It will display information on Maritime History of the state, the country, the evidences depicting the maritime trade and traditions, the tradition of boats and ship building, the concept of floating, maritime rituals, navigational items and procedures, maritime architecture etc,. The museum will have beautifully developed landscape, external items such as visitor facilities, library, souvenir shop, multimedia room, open air theatre etc.

Viswabharati, Shantiniketan ( govt of india sponsored) 2010-2011
Important manuscripts related to Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, records of zamindaris and other related papers stored at the LIPIKA manuscript section , Shantiniketan, Visvabharati awere being conserved ( both Preventive and Curative) by INTACH Orissa Art Consevation Centre, Bhubaneswar since Dec 2009 with the support of National Archives of India, New Delhi. More than 1/4th of the collection has been treated.

Tata Central Archives, Pune
The archival records of TATA, their family correspondences, important legal documents , newspaper cuttings and maps have been treated by the centre. The first phase of work concluded on May 15, 2011.

Conservation of Art and Antiquities of Orissa State Museum. 2010-2011
The centre carried out conservation of museum antiquities of the Orissa State Museum in year 2010-11 which included the conservation of Palm leaf manuscripts, Bronze Objects, Arms and Armoury collection, Archaeology exhibits of the Orissa State Museum.

The paper manuscripts of the Orissa State Museum were being treated under a govt. of India sponsored project. A number of important paper manuscripts were treated including some diverse type of manuscripts such as bamboo manuscripts, birch bark manuscripts etc.The project was completed in 2011.