YEAR: 2011

National Manuscripts Mission (NMM) Project , 2011
During this year NMM division worked on 269 bundles of manuscripts (paper and palm leaf) consisting of 38,684 folios. The work mainly consisted of preventive and curative conservation including re-inking of Palm Leaf Manuscripts. The collection of manuscripts belonged to various private collectors like Shri Lakshmi Thathachar, a Sanskrit Scholar from Melukhote, Mandya Dist, Vijayashree Pandit, Mr. Seetharam and famous institutions like Shree Guru Sarvabhouma Samskrita Vidyapeeta, Mantralaya, Gulbarga University, Mantralaya Sanskrit University, Sri Yogi Narayana Indology Department, M.S. Ramaiah College Campus, Bangalore to name a few.

Total No. of Palm Leaf Manuscripts Bundles– 156
Preventive & Curative Conservation (folios)– 15, 622
Total No. of Paper (Bundles/books)– 113
Preventive Conservation (pages)– 22,808
Curative Conservation (pages)– 254
Total No of Folios– 38,684