About AMH

INTACH Conservation Institutes (ICI) was established with the objective to preserve heritage for future generations. The center has undertaken continuous study and research to develop the best methodologies in the field of conservation science in India. As a result it provides unmatched services in conservation for art collectors. The center has also worked towards spreading concern for our heritage by conducting seminars and workshops to spread concern for heritage conservation.

Mr. Nilabh Sinha
Principal Director (ICI)
71, Lodhi Estate
New Delhi 110 003
Email: acc.delhi@gmail.com

Sh. V.K Aggarwal
Tel: 011-24642172/24631818

Email: admhicci@gmail.com

Mr. K.K.Gupta
Consultant (ICI)
Tel: 011-24632267/ 24631818 (ext.333)
Email: acc.delhi@gmail.com

Conservation & Restoration of Oil Paintings
Six Oil Paintings on canvas and paper from the Collection of Reserve Bank of India.Mumbai were conserved by INTACH ,Mumbai center.

Conservation of Sculpture
A stone sculpture of “Veer Hanuman’ from a temple was conserved by the center.

De installation of the exhibition of ‘Open Mumbai
Let’s Expand Public Spaces’ mounted by architecture firm P. K. Das & Associates and the Mumbai Waterfronts Centre. It included removal and storage of wall papers from the walls of NGMA Gallery.

YEAR : 2011-2012