Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting

Growing water scarcity is forcing the search for simple and economical self-reliant solutions. Storage of rain water is the key to spreading resource availability into the lean season. The water thus stored can be used for potable/ non-potable uses. This book is a basic manual for urban built-up areas.

Narratives of Delhi

Narratives of the Environment of Delhi

An environmental perspective of Delhi’s past is difficult to come by. The reason appears to be that in the past environment was not an issue and the human footprint on the planet paled in front of awesome nature. The absence of environmental issues resulted in a corresponding absence of direct references to environmental issues or any form of dedicated environmental literature.

This exercise was initiated by the Natural Heritage Division of INTACH with a view to cull out natural characteristics of Delhi as referred to in archival material and as recalled by senior citizens of Delhi who have witnessed the loss and transformation of the natural character of Delhi as the city rushes headlong towards a steel and concrete modernity.

National Workshop on Natural Heritage

The book is a compilation of papers presented at the National Workshop on Natural Heritage organized by INTACH on September 4-5, 2009. The workshop was sponsored and funded by the Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India.

Delhi’s Natural Heritage

The book is a compilation of papers presented at the symposium on Delhi’s Natural Heritage, jointly organized by INTACH and the United States-India Educational Foundation (USIEF) on May 13, 2009.

monograph on sacred woods

A Monograph on the Sacred Woods used in Traditional Religious Ceremonies in India

Trees, which are vital to our existence, have been worshipped by the Hindus as a matter of gratitude. Many trees such as Ficus religiosa (peepal), Phyllanthus emblica (amala) etc. have acquired social and religious sanctity over the passage of the time.The author of the book compiled the information on importance and significance of sacred trees through study and consultations with religious experts via dialogue and discussion.