Core Areas of Work

ICKPAC has got a dedicated team of trained conservators who work on artworks including oil medium on canvas, board and on bromide paper, acrylic paintings on canvas and paper, water colours, traditional paintings of the Mysore and Thanjavur styles, miniatures painting, painting on glass and other art works such as prints from the ancient period to the present form all over the world, drawings, old sculptures and other metallic objects, wooden sculptures, paper mache articles, leather puppets etc. The lab has expertise in the full range of materials and techniques for detailed photographic documentation, examination and conservation and restoration treatment of works of art. Conservators consult closely with artists, curators and collectors on special challenges and also augment professional expertise with scholarly research, analytic imaging, and scientific analysis from the specialised research team of INTACH material Heritage Division, Delhi.

Conservation services involves stabilization, cleaning, and repairs, as well as proper storage and display practices including surface, aqueous, and solvent cleaning, loss compensation preservation framing, and exhibit mounts, pest and mold eradication preventive conservation consultations and collections, examination and documentation before and after treatment etc.

The team works with institutions or collectors to perform condition assessments for individual paintings or entire collections. Other services include on-site facility and condition assessments for large collections and over sized projects. Conservators are trained to equip museum and gallery staff in safe handling, housing, and storage procedures of works of art.

3.1 Paintings

3.2 Paper conservation

3.3 Photographs

3.4 Objects

3.5 Wooden objects

3.6 Picture frames