National Mission for Manuscripts

National Mission for Manuscripts-2

Preservation of Palm leaf and paper manuscripts in Karnataka State under National Mission for Manuscripts, (NMM) Gov. of India, Department of Culture, ICKPAC has been a nominated Manuscript Conservation Centre (MCC) since 23rd September2003.

Different repositories of old palm leaf and paper manuscripts in the State, including religious institutions like Mutts and educational centres like Universities are being visited regularly and Preventive conservation of the collections is being carried out. Local staff is trained in Preventive conservation and custodians in the proper maintenance of the collections. Curative conservation of manuscripts is also done whenever necessary.

Many workshops and training programs were conducted in different parts of Karnataka, the objective being to impart theoretical knowledge and practical training in the Preventive Conservation of manuscripts to persons working on the collections of the matter as well as people from surrounding area dealing with manuscripts.