•  Research and Documentation of Wall and Cave Painting sites in Orissa                                                                                                   ( supported by IFA India Foundation for the Arts)

The centre undertook a project of finding out and listing of as many as possible hitherto known sites where wall paintings and rock art exist and to prepare reports on their state of conservation.  At the same time technical studies of the samples of wall paintings were conducted during the execution of this project. Their condition report, documentation of the extent and nature of deterioration that has occurred on the paintings and thematic descriptions have also been prepared along with a Glossary of Vernacular Art terminology.

In the final form the report consists of eight sections comprising descriptive listings of 76 wall paintings and 20 cave painting sites, graphic condition reports of each mural on site, technical studies, traditional artists techniques and revival of mural painting traditional skills. Socio-economic and technical survey’s and interviews of traditional artists, glossary of local art terminologies and a narrative report.


  • Strategy for Documentation and Preservation of Manuscripts and Painting Skills in Orissa                                                           (supported by NORAD Norwegian Agency for Development)

Under this project supported by Norad there are five components which comprises of survey, documentation, training , conservation and revival of traditional artistic skills of mural paintings.

  • Survey and Documentation of Palm leaf manuscripts of Orissa

The Survey team of the Centre has successfully surveyed 27 districts of Orissa till June 2005 and documented 1,75,834 palm leaf manuscripts and 13,531 paper manuscripts in various places of Orissa.