About ICI Jodhpur

Rajasthan is not merely known for its decent deserts and silk sand dunes but also for its unique cultural heritage, multi colored murals, charming art works and multi dimensional social and ritual functions of the generations. These work of art, perhaps best reflect the like of people who filled it with colours in this dusty land of this region.

ICI-IMACC was opened in 1996 with a perspective to address the dire need of conservation in Rajasthan. The centre is an open collaboration between ICI and Mehrangarh Museum Trust under the auspicious guidance of His Highness Maharaja Shri Gaj Singh Ji II of Jodhpur. Considerable progress has taken place since the centre’s inception and especially under the guidance of Shri O.P. Agarwal, a renowned author and conservationist of would repute and former D.G. of ICI.  The laboratory is fully equipped with tools and conservation materials required. We have conservation staff of international repute, with experience achieved through fellowships in various nations.

Sunil Laghate
Centre Director
IMACC, Fort, Jodhpur