Conservation Work

ICI Delhi offers a wide variety of professional conservation and preservation services to various governmental and non-governmental organizations, private collectors and corporate clients. Objects requiring varying levels of study, evaluation as well as treatment can be brought to the Centre. A dedicated team of conservators represent years of varied professional training at major institutions, both in India and abroad, specialized study, and intensive practical experience in the science of conservation and study of objects may be requested. The conservation staff can facilitate scientific study and analysis of objects.

Treatment  services offered at ICI Delhi may vary from simple preventive stabilization methods to complete conservation treatment and restorative reintegration.  We offer conservation solutions for a variety of art objects including:

Conservation of paintings

Conservation of paper objects

Conservation of textiles

Conservation of 3-D objects (metal, wood, stone, ceramics, etc.)

On-site conservation: The ICI Centres undertake conservation of collections on site by setting temporary laboratories. Projects involving in-situ conservation and preservation of stone and decorative features of monumental architecture that include wall paintings, stucco and plaster finishes, mosaics, tiles, cast stone, terracotta, relief work, decorated wooden elements, decorative glass, gilding and other embellishments are also undertaken.

Consultation: Conservators can also offer advice and solutions to issues related to care and upkeep, storage, proper display, exhibition and safe transportation.

Projects related to conservation and researches are also undertaken in collaboration with other institutions and organizations.