Wall Painting Conservation

Wall painting is not only just a form of art, but it also explains the visual history of the area, region and mythology. Before photography and miniature painting came into existence, wall support was the best medium to explain thoughts, art and religion. India has a vast and rich collection of wall paintings. These are housed in temples, monasteries, churches, palaces, havelis, caves etc. Some of the more famous are those at Ajanta, Ellora, Bagh, Badami and Sittanavasal.  INTACH has been involved in documenting as well as conservation of wall paintings all over india.

Services offered include:

  • Comprehensive condition survey
  • Environmental recording and monitoring
  • Sampling and material analysis
  • Cleaning of painted surfaces
  • Consolidation of flaking paint, delaminating plaster layers and disintegrations
  • Mortar repairs and grouting
  • Sympathetic inpainting